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Current Gene Therapy
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Editorial by Ignacio Anegon

Author(s): Ignacio Anegon
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It is not superstition that worries me, Herr Doctor, but genes and chromosomes" Inspector Kemp, from the movie Young Frankenstein, 1974. Current Gene Therapy is focused on genes; how to manipulate coding sequences, transferring them in an efficient way and ultimately curing diseases but also learning about basic biology. And of course safety is what worries inspector Kemp during his investigation on the main character of the film mentioned in the epigraph. This and preventing side effects are central to the field of gene therapy. During 2012, Current Gene Therapy incorporated the publication of manuscripts containing original data, along with the usual review articles. This change has been positive and we are regularly receiving submissions of original articles. By mid-2012 we programmed a hot topic issue that will be published in April 2013 on the generation and use of pluripotent stem cells from a gene therapy perspective. The importance of pluripotent stem cells was highlighted by the Medicine Nobel Prize 2012 to Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka. Other special issues are being prepared, such as topics in central nervous system diseases. In 2013, we will appoint Regional Editors for Europe, Asia and North America to promote and steer Current Gene Therapy. Future clinical applications, as well as translational and basic research in the field of gene therapy will continue to increase in 2013 and Current Gene Therapy will be an attentive partner for all basic and clinical researchers in the field. The journal has been very much supported by a high scientific level of authors submitting manuscripts and of reviewers and I am confident that this will continue and develop successfully in 2013. Sincere acknowledgments to all authors and reviewers and I extend an enthusiastic invitation for further work on Current Gene Therapy.