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Urinary Catheters and Biofilm Formation

Author(s): Daniele Minardi, Alessandro Conti, Matteo Santoni, Daniele Cantoro, Oscar Cirioni, Roberto Ghiselli, Carmela Silvestri, Mario Guerrieri, Andrea Giacometti and Giovanni Muzzonigro
Pages 196-203 (8)
Catheterization is a risk factor for the development of urinary tract infections. On the other side, urinary tract infections in catheterized patients associated with abnormalities increase the risks of therapy failure. Different kinds of microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts) can be associated with urinary infections in catheterized patients. Aim of this review is to summarize the main factors involved in the development of infections in catheterized patients, focusing on the mechanisms related to colonization and biofilm formation. Current prevention and treatment strategies are also reviewed, both referring to experimental studies and to currently approved materials. Our experience in the field of chemically treated materials for preventing infection in intracorporeal urinary catheters (stents) and relevant patents are also reported.
Bacteriuria, biofilm, Catheters, Escherichia coli, stent, urinary infections.
Department of Clinical and Specialistic Sciences - Urology, Polytechnic University of the Marches Region, c/o Ospedali Riuniti, via Conca 71, 60126 Ancona, Italy.