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Micro and Nanosystems
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Effect of Template on Microstructural and Optical Properties of ZnO:Al:Mo Films Deposited by Sol-Gel Route

Author(s): H-Y. He, P. Chen, Z. He and Q. Shen
Pages 237-244 (8)
Transparent conductive ZnO:Al:Mo films with a constant molar ratio of Zn: Al: Mo=99:0.99:0.01 were deposited on quartz glass substrate by a template-assisted sol-gel process and characterized by X-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy, and UV-vis and luminescent spectrophotometries. The organic templates in precursor solution have induced the formation of nanorod microstructure with different aspect ratio for the films. The films with rodlike morphology show obviously blue shift and enhanced transmittance in the UV-visible light range. The PEG-1000 and PEG- 2000 have a better effect than the PEG-4000 and PVP as their addition amounts are equiponderant. The films a l so show strong ultraviolet, violet and bluish violet emissions. The templates lead to more native defects and thereby enhance photoluminescence at different degrees.
Array, Blue shift Photoluminescence, Film, Nanowire, Template, Transmittance, ZnO.
College of Materials Science and Engineering, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, China (710021).