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Current Pediatric Reviews
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Intrauterine Intervention for the Treatment of Fetal Growth Restriction

Author(s): A-M Spiroski, MH Oliver, JE Harding and FH Bloomfield
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Fetal growth restriction (FGR) is associated with an increased incidence of fetal and neonataldeath, and of neonatal morbidity. Babies born following FGR also are at risk of a range of postnatal complications, which may contribute to an increased incidence of disease later in life. There currently are no effective clinical interventions which improve perinatal survival, intrauterine growth and later outcomes of the FGRbaby. Postnatal interventions aimed at promoting or accelerating growth in FGR babiesto improve outcome, particularly neurodevelopmental outcomes, may further increase the risk of metabolic dysregulation and, therefore, the risk of developing chronic disease in adulthood. Anintrauterineintervention to improve nutrition and growth in theFGR fetus may have the potential to decrease mortality and improve long-term outcomes by delaying preterm delivery and mitigating the need for and risks of accelerated postnatal growth.