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Current Angiogenesis
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Quantization of Angiogenesis and Image Analysis

Author(s): Nikolaos Kavantzas, Vasileios Salpeas, Eleftheria Lakiotaki and Petros M. Pavlopoulos
Quantitative Pathology is occupied with the measurement of morphological characteristics of tissues. Among these characteristics, a very important application is the measurement of angiogenesis in malignant neoplasms. The parameters of angiogenesis mainly taken into account are: Microvascular density (MVD), total vascular area (TVA) and vessel’s major axis length, minor axis length, area, perimeter, compactness, shape factor and Feret diameter, respectively. Then, the above parameters could be easily correlated either with other clinicopathological factors or prognosis leading to conclusions about the biological behavior of different malignant tumors. In the present review article, an introduction in angiogenesis basic morphometric parameters as well as the method of quantization by the appropriate image analysis software are presented.
Angiogenesis, image analysis
First Department of Pathology, School of Medicine, University of Athens, Greece.