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Current Catalysis
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Silica supported PtSn Catalysts Obtained Through Surface Organometallic Chemistry on Metals Techniques Using a Hydrosoluble Organotin Promoter Application to the Selective Hydrogenation of αβUnsaturated Aldehydes and Ketones

Author(s): Andrea B. Merlo, Virginia Vetere and Monica L. Casell
Pages 244-253 (10)
In this paper we propose the preparation of a PtSn bimetallic catalyst through techniques derived from Surface Organometallic Chemistry on Metals (SOMC/M) using water as solvent. The system, PtSn0.2ac, was employed in the chemoselective liquid-phase hydrogenation of acetophenone, cinnamaldehyde and benzaldehyde. The results were compared with those obtained with a PtSn catalyst also prepared via SOMC/M, but using a conventional paraffinic solvent.

The aqueous medium-prepared catalyst resulted to be as active in and selective to the desired product (unsaturated alcohols) as that obtained from n-heptane. This catalyst has the advantage of being prepared in a solvent compatible with the environment, without losing the superior characteristics of SOMC/M-based systems.

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PtSn catalysts, SOMC/M, Hydrosoluble organotin promoter, Acetophenone, Cinnamaldehyde, Chemoselective hydrogenation.
CINDECA (CCT-La Plata, CONICET, UNLP), 47 nº 257, 1900, La Plata, Argentina.