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Current HIV Research
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Sexual Risk Reduction Interventions for HIV Prevention among South AfricanYouth: A Meta-Analytic Review

Author(s): Lori A.J. Scott-Sheldon, Paige Walstrom, Abigail Harrison, Seth C. Kalichman and Michael P. Carey
Pages 549-558 (10)
Objectives: To examine the efficacy of sexual risk reduction interventions among South African youth.

Methods: Electronic databases were searched to identify studies published between 2007 and early 2013. Studies were eligible if they (1) targeted youth age 9-26, (2) evaluated sexual risk reduction interventions and (3) reported at least one behavioral outcome. Independent raters coded study characteristics, and intervention content. Weighted mean effect sizes were calculated; positive effect sizes indicated less sexual risk behavior and incident STIs.

Results: Ten studies (k = 11; N = 22,788; 54% female; 79% Black-African) were included. Compared to controls, interventions were successful at delaying sexual intercourse and, among sexually active youth, at increasing condom use. A single study found reductions in the incidence of herpes simplex virus-2, but not HIV.

Conclusions: Implementing behavioral interventions to delay sexual debut and improve condom use can help to reduce the transmission of HIV among South African youth.

HIV, intervention, meta-analysis, sex, South Africa, youth.
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