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Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry
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Flavonoid Derivatives As Potent Tyrosinase Inhibitors - A Survey of Recent Findings Between 2008-2013

Author(s): Ilkay Erdogan Orhan and Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan
Pages 1486-1493 (8)
Tyrosinase (EC, also known as polyphenols oxidase, is a glycosylated multi-copper monooxygenase enzyme widely distributed in many different organisms. The enzyme is responsible for the pigmentation of skin, eyes and hair in mammals and in fruits and vegetables undesired browning. These issues have encouraged researchers all over the world to seek new, potent and safe inhibitors of the enzyme for use in foods and cosmetics. A large number of compounds from natural products have been reported as moderate to potent inhibitors of tyrosinase. Among them, many flavonoid derivatives have been revealed to be the strong inhibitors of tyrosinase. In this review, we reviewed many examples of tyrosinase inhibitors with flavonoid structure reported between 2008-2013. Our findings underline that flavonoids should continue to be the focus of tyrosinase inhibition studies as the promising compounds.
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Tyrosinase, flavonoids, tyrosinase inhibitors, skin pigmentation, melanin, browning.
Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Gazi University, 06330 Ankara, Turkey.