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Recent Patents on Anti-Infective Drug Discovery
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Recent Advances in the Development of anti-Infective Prophylactic and/or Therapeutic Agents Based on Toll-like Receptor (TLRs)

Author(s): Elena Crespo Junquera, Lourdes Mateos-Hernandez, Jose de la Fuente and Jose M. Perez de la Lastra
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Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are critical players in immunity. They are able to sense organisms ranging from protozoa to bacteria, fungi or viruses upon detection of the pathogen, as well as recognizing endogenous ligands, and triggering transduction pathways. Concerning adaptive immunity, toll-like receptors are strategic therapeutic targets for those diseases that involve inappropriate adaptive immune responses: sepsis, autoimmune disorders, cancer and allergy. Therefore, the development of new drugs as well as vaccination strategies based on the modulation of the toll-like receptors could have therapeutic benefit in infectious diseases. Here, we review recent patents in the development of agonists and antagonists of toll-like receptor as potential tools for immune therapy, particularly for the treatment of infectious diseases
Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos, IREC (UCLM-CSIC-JCCLM) Ronda Toledo s/n, 13071 Ciudad Real, Spain