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Current Respiratory Medicine Reviews
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ISSN (Online): 1875-6387
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Endobronchial Valves and Endobronchial Coils in the Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Friends or Foes for Clinical Outcome?

Author(s): Georgia Hardavella, Ioannis Karampinis and Nikolaos Anastasiou
Pages 379-383 (5)
Despite optimal pharmacologic treatment, smoking cessation and pulmonary rehabilitation, patients with severe COPD remain significantly disabled with impaired quality of life. Lung volume reduction surgery has been an alternative intervention to the treatment of selected end stage cases offering improved quality of life. However, its increased early mortality, risks and patient burden led to the development of new therapeutic modalities. Over the last years, interventional bronchoscopies have made considerable progress in the minimal invasive treatment of emphysema with the application of endobronchial valves and endobronchial recoils. In this paper we will review the clinical outcomes, benefits, risks and complications of these two modalities.
Graphical Abstract:
Bronchoscopic lung volume reduction, clinical outcome, emphysema, endobronchial valves.
Department of Thoracic Medicine, University College London Hospital and UCL Lungs for Living Research Centre, London, UK.