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Recent Patents on Chemical Engineering
ISSN (Print): 2211-3347
ISSN (Online): 1874-4788
DOI: 10.2174/2211334711003030165

Bioconversion of Renewable Bioresources and Agricultural by-Products into Bioethanol

Author(s): Mohamed Chaker Ncibi
Pages 165-179 (15)
A review of the production technologies of bioethanol, an eco-friendly automotive fuel, from non-edible and renewable lignocellulosic bioresources and agricultural wastes is presented, based on the recently developed patents and research works. The different technologies such as ammonia fibre/freeze explosion, organosolv process, ozonolysis, acid and/or enzymatic hydrolysis, simultaneous or separate saccharification and fermentation along with consolidated bioprocessing are described along with the major research trends to optimize their efficiencies of producing fuel ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass. Biological, thermo-chemical and enzymatic engineering aspects will be critically reviewed regarding the lignocellulosic biomaterials conversion into renewable and pollution-free fuel, bioethanol.
Bioethanol, biomass, agricultural wastes, pretreatment, hydrolysis, saccharification, fermentation, bioresources, automotive fuel, organosolv process, ozonolysis, enzymatic hydrolysis, thermo-chemical, pollution-free, Lignocellulosic biomasses, holocellulose matrix, techno-economical evaluations, Non-Pressurised Steam Explosion, Liquid Hot Water Pretreatment, co-current countercurrent, flow through, Counter-current pretreatment, Ammonia fibre/freeze explosion (AFEX), Acid Pretreatment, cellulose hydrolysis, enzyme-catalysed hydrolysis, hot-wash process, Alkali Pretreatment, lime kiln technology, Ozonolysis Pretreatment, lignocellulosic wast, enzyme-related factors, phenolic inhibitors, disruptive pretreatment process, lignin, –, carbohydrate complex, glucose-based feedstocks, inhibitor conversion, SSF, pectin, Consolidated Bioprocessing (CBP), Pentose Ferementation, xylose reductase gene (XR), xylitol dehydrogenase gene (XD), xylulokinase gene (XK), non-detoxified hydrolysate
Laboratory of Chemistry, High Institute of Agronomy, Chott Meriem 4042, Sousse, Tunisia.