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Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
ISSN (Print): 1872-2105
ISSN (Online): 2212-4020
DOI: 10.2174/187221011794474949

Development and Applications of Nano-Powder Patents - A Review in Patents

Author(s): Lihong Su, Jianren Zhou, Zhiquan Zhou, Jingfen Ma, Liang Wang, Xu Zhao and Xuxiang Wang
Pages 19-26 (8)
A thorough review on the patents in the applications of nano-powder technology shows that research work in this technical field is growing stronger, as indicated by a rapid increase in the number of independent patents in relevant topics. This also indicates ever increasing and continuous interests on the nano-podwer technology even after 15 years of dynamic global nanotechnology development. The review on the patents in the nano-powder area shows that the use of specialized databanks is recommendable and beneficial in providing the researchers in this technical community an updated, systematic and rapid reference in furthering new development and expansion of this vital nanotechnology field.
Nanometer, powder, patent, discipline, application, Nano-Powder, nanotechnology, core-shell structures, magnetic composite parti-cles, micrometer powder, Polymer-coated magnetic particle, nanocrystal phosphors powder, Semiconductor nanocrys-tals, luminescent, magnetic, electronic materials, Nano-Catalyst Applications, chemical catalysts, Measurement Devices and Systems, Nanometer Materials in Energy Storage, Semiconductors
Department of Applied Chemistry, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, shaanxi prov. 710129,China.