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Recent Patents on Nanotechnology
ISSN (Print): 1872-2105
ISSN (Online): 2212-4020
DOI: 10.2174/187221011794474930

Current Trends in Materials for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Author(s): Ricardo Faccio, Luciana Fernandez-Werner, Helena Pardo and Alvaro W. Mombru
Pages 46-61 (16)
Here, we intend to review those patents related with the technology of dye sensitized solar cells. In particular we discuss patents and papers that enable metal oxide layer to be more controllable and feasible for applications, and new and innovative dyes, sensitizers and electrolytes with promising features. Finally various methods were reviewed for fabricating semiconductor layers and complete DSSC devices focusing on the mass production of photovoltaic cells.
DSSC, Gratzel, Nanotechnology, Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, fabricating semiconductor layers, photovoltaic cells, injection solar cells, anatase-TiO2, nano-crystalline, photons, polypyridyl complexes, ruthenium, photo-excitation process, mesoporous film, LUMO level, Inorganic Dyes, Organic Dyes, bis-dimethylfluoreneaniline moiety, Quantum Dots (QDs), aluminum doped zinc oxide, atomic layer deposition, Semiconductor Nanocrystalline Electrodes, anodization, Illumination Geometry
Crystallography, Solid State and Materials Laboratory (Cryssmat-Lab), DETEMA, Facultad de Quimica, Universidad de la Republica, Gral. Flores 2124, P.O. Box 1157, Montevideo, Uruguay.