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Current Psychiatry Research and Reviews


ISSN (Print): 2666-0822
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Review Article

“Being a Woman” in the Shadow of Vaginismus: The Implications of Vaginismus for Women

Author(s): Ayse Deliktas Demirci and Kamile Kabukcuoglu *

Volume 15, Issue 4, 2019

Page: [231 - 236] Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/2666082215666190917153811

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Introduction: Vaginismus includes some psychological conditions such as fear of pain and avoidance from penetration. There is little knowledge about the effects of vaginismus.

Objective: The present study aims to present the bio-psychosocial consequences of vaginismus in women life.

Methods: The method of the present study is a review, which is conducted on the available resources. All relevant studies were included to present effects of vaginismus on the women.

Results: Women who have vaginismus have many problems with self-identity, psychological and reproductive lives. Most of the effects of vaginismus lead to another deep effect on women. Women with vaginismus mostly describe themselves negatively. This negative self-perception affects women’s self-esteem levels which cause psychiatric disorders. The psychiatric disorders have been associated with vaginismus as a reason and result. It is stated in the studies that the general anxiety and, penetration specific anxiety are related to vaginismus. This result reflects that women with vaginismus have more anxiety about penetration. Women with vaginismus encounter reproductive problems, who are more likely to encounter increased cesarean section and fertility problems, they are reluctant to seek health care services, especially due to fear of the gynaecological examination.

Conclusion: Although vaginismus is a common problem, there is little information about the effects of vaginismus on women. Vaginismus causes psychiatric disorders and reproductive problems. The researchers should examine how women live with vaginismus. It is also suggested that psychotherapy techniques should include couples interventions and, researchers should examine psychological health of women deeply.

Keywords: Vaginismus, psychological effects, psychotherapies, pregnancy, birth, gynaecological examination.

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