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CD28: A New Drug Target for Immune Disease

Author(s): Sijing Xia, Qin Chen* and Bing Niu*

Volume 21, Issue 6, 2020

Page: [589 - 598] Pages: 10

DOI: 10.2174/1389450120666191114102830

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Background: CD28, a cell surface glycoprotein receptor, predominantly expressed on activated T cells, belongs to the Ig superfamily and provides a critical co-stimulatory signal. CTLA-4 has sequence homology to CD28, and is expressed on T cells after activation. It provides an inhibition signal coordinated with CD28 to regulate T cell activation. Both of them regulate T cell proliferation and differentiation and play an important role in the immune response pathway in vivo.

Objective: We studied the special role of different structural sites of CD28 in producing costimulatory signals.

Methods: We reviewed the relevant literature, mainly regarding the structure of CD28 to clarify its biological function, and its role in the immune response.

Results: In recent years, increasingly attention has been paid to CD28, which is considered as a key therapeutic target for many modern diseases, especially some immune diseases.

Conclusion: In this paper, we mainly introduce the structure of CD28 and its related biological functions, as well as the application of costimulatory pathways targeting CD28 in disease treatment.

Keywords: CD28, CTLA-4, T cell activation, ligand, immune-responses, costimulation, human disease.

Graphical Abstract
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