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Clinical Trial

The Effect of ACT on Self-Esteem and Self-efficacy of Women with Breast Cancer in Iran

Author(s): Masoumeh Daneshvar, Katayon Vakilian*, Akbar Hedayati Zadeh-Emran and Ramezan Hassan Zadeh

Volume 16, Issue 1, 2020

Page: [74 - 80] Pages: 7

DOI: 10.2174/1573404815666191121150647

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Background: Today, breast cancer is the second major cause of cancer deaths in women.

Objective: The present study aimed to determine the effect of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) on self-esteem and self-efficacy of cancer adaptation behaviors in women.

Methods: The present study was a randomized educational trial (IRCT Registration number: IRCT2016100430140N1) based on intervention and control groups including 30 patients with breast cancer who were referred to Cancer comprehensive center of Imam Khomeini Hospital in Sari 2017. The intervention group participated in ACT sessions for 8 weeks held as 8 sessions. In the control group, there was no intervention and only chemotherapy was carried out. Self-esteem and self-efficacy of cancer adaptation behaviors were assessed using Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale and Cancer Behavior Inventory before and after the intervention and one month later. Data analysis was tested by repeated measurement, ANOVA and Tukey post-hoc tests.

Results: The mean of self-esteem before and after intervention and one month later was 13.46 ± 1.12, 16.86 ± 0.91, 15.86 ± 0.99 in ACT group, and 14 ± 1, 14.40 ± 0.98, 14.20 ± 1.08 in the control group, respectively (F(2,27)=11.90, P=0.001). The mean of self-efficacy of cancer adjustment behaviors before and after the intervention and one month later was 104.40 ± 20.19, 218.20 ± 15.32, 214.86 ± 16.97 in ACT group, and 96.86 ± 15.04, 97.06 ± 18.61, 94.53 ± 14.69 in the control group, respectively (F(2,27)=8.26, P=0.001).

Conclusion: This counseling approach can be used as an easy, non-invasive and helpful method to increase self-esteem and self-efficacy among patients for adaptation to cancer.

Keywords: Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), self-esteem, self-efficacy, breast cancer, reproductive health, counseling approach.

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