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ISSN (Print): 1389-2010
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Tripterine: A Potential Anti-Allergic Compound

Author(s): Bao-Jun Zhu, Ze-Quan Qian, Hui-Run Yang and Ru-Xia Li*

Volume 22, Issue 1, 2021

Published on: 27 March, 2020

Page: [159 - 167] Pages: 9

DOI: 10.2174/1389201021666200327163322

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Background: Tripterine (TRI), an active monomer in Tripterygium wilfordii, has significant pharmacological activities, such as anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive and anti-tumor activities. TRI may be used to treat allergic diseases because of its characteristics of immunosuppression.

Objective: This study aims to explore the anti-allergic effect of TRI.

Methods: It was tested in vivo and in vitro in this study.

Results: The results showed that TRI could significantly inhibit histamine release from rat peritoneal mast cells; the inhibitory effect of TRI on histamine release was stronger than that of other known histamine inhibitors such as disodium cromoglyceride. TRI also significantly inhibited systemic anaphylactic shock induced by compound 48/80 and skin allergy induced by IgE, and inhibited the expression of inflammatory factors secreted by Human Mast Cells (HMC-1) induced by Phorbol 12-Myristate 13- Acetate (PMA) and calcium carrier A23187. In the animal model of allergic rhinitis induced by Ovalbumin (OA), the scores of friction, histamine, IgE, inflammatory factors and inflammatory cells decreased after TRI was administered orally or nasally.

Conclusion: TRI, as an active immunoregulatory factor, has great potential in the treatment of mast cell-mediated allergic diseases.

Keywords: Tripterine (TRI), Systemic anaphylactic shock, skin allergies, Allergic Rhinitis (AR), Human Mast Cells (HMC-1), Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (SAR).

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