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Analysis of Genetic Variants in SCN1A, SCN2A, KCNK18, TRPA1 and STX1A as a Possible Marker of Migraine

Author(s): Marta Kowalska, Michał Prendecki , Magdalena Kapelusiak-Pielok, Teresa Grzelak , Urszula Łagan-Jędrzejczyk , Małgorzata Wiszniewska, Wojciech Kozubski and Jolanta Dorszewska*

Volume 21, Issue 3, 2020

Page: [224 - 236] Pages: 13

DOI: 10.2174/1389202921666200415181222

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Background: Migraine is a polygenetic disease, considered as a channelopathy. The dysregulation of ion functioning due to genetic changes may activate the trigeminovascular system and induce migraine attack both migraine with aura (MA) and without aura (MO).

Objectives: The aim of the study was to analyze the following variants of genes encoding ion channels and associated protein: c.3199G>A SCN1A, c.56G>A SCN2A, c.28A>G and c.328T>C KCNK18, c.3053A>G TRPA1, c.31-1811C>T STX1A in migraine patients.

Patients and Methods: The study included 170 migraine patients and 173 controls. HRMA and Sanger sequencing were used for genotyping. Meta-analysis was performed for c.28A>G, c.328T>C KCNK18, and c.31-1811C>T STX1A.

Results: AA genotype of c.56G>A SCN2A was found only in migraine patients. Patients with c.328T>C KCNK18 mutation had an increased risk of developing migraine before the age of 18. Moreover, individuals with AA/TC haplotype of KCNK18 had higher attack frequency than those with AA/TT (p<0.05). T allele of c.31-1811C>T STX1A was more frequent in MA patients than MO (p<0.05). The c.3053A>G TRPA1 polymorphism was more common in patients with migraine onset before the age of 15 (p<0.05), while c.31-1811C>T STX1A and c.3199G>A SCN1A before the age of 10 (p<0.01). Meta-analysis showed a significant association of c.31-1811C>T STX1A polymorphism with migraine overall (OR=1.22, p=0.0086), MA, and MO. No association was found for c.28A>G KCNK18, c.328T>C KCNK18, and migraine overall.

Conclusion: Changes in genes encoding ion channels or proteins regulating their functioning may increase the risk of migraines and correlate with clinical features of disease, e.g. age of onset and attack frequency.

Keywords: Ion channels, polymorphisms, genetic biomarker, migraine, polygenetic disease, genotyping.

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