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Case Report

Splenic Gaucheroma Leading to Incidental Diagnosis of Gaucher Disease in a 46-Year-Old Man with a Rare GBA Mutation: A Case Report

Author(s): İzzet Erdal*, Yılmaz Yıldız, Gizem Önal, Oktay Halit Aktepe, Selin Ardalı Düzgün, Arzu Sağlam, Serap Dökmeci Emre and Hatice Serap Sivri

Volume 23, Issue 2, 2023

Published on: 18 July, 2022

Page: [230 - 234] Pages: 5

DOI: 10.2174/1871530322666220420134935

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Background: Gaucher disease is a common lysosomal storage disease caused by the deficiency of the β-glucosidase enzyme, leading to sphingolipid accumulation in the reticuloendothelial system in Gaucher cells. Clinical findings are quite variable and some patients may remain asymptomatic lifelong. However, even when patients have mild symptoms, there is a significant increase in their quality of life with enzyme replacement therapy. We aimed to reveal the relationship between a rare mutation in the Glucosylceramidase Beta (GBA) gene and clinical signs and symptoms. Another aim of the study was to show the effect of enzyme replacement therapy on the quality of life, even in patients with mild symptoms.

Case Presentation: Here, we report a 46-year-old male diagnosed with Gaucher disease based on splenic Gaucheromas incidentally discovered in a cardiac computerized tomography scan. In GBA gene analysis, the extremely rare R87W mutation was detected in a homozygous state. In retrospect, the patient had nonspecific symptoms such as fatigue and bone pain for a long time, which were substantially ameliorated by enzyme replacement therapy.

Conclusion: In patients with adult-onset Gaucher disease, the symptoms may be mild, causing significant diagnostic delay. Gaucher disease may be included in the differential diagnosis of abdominal malignancies. Early diagnosis and treatment can improve quality of life and prevent unnecessary procedures.

Keywords: Gaucher’s disease, gaucheroma, rare mutation, enzyme replacement therapy, sptenic gaucheroma, GBA.

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