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ISSN (Print): 1389-2029
ISSN (Online): 1875-5488

Review Article

Reviewed and updated Algorithm for Genetic Characterization of Syndromic Obesity Phenotypes

Author(s): Raquel Rodríguez-López*, Fátima Gimeno-Ferrer, David Albuquerque do Santos, Irene Ferrer-Bolufer, Carola Guzmán Luján, Otilia Zomeño Alcalá, Amor García-Banacloy, Virginia Ballesteros Cogollos and Carlos Sánchez Juan

Volume 23, Issue 3, 2022

Published on: 31 May, 2022

Page: [147 - 162] Pages: 16

DOI: 10.2174/1389202923666220426093436

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Background: Individuals with a phenotype of early-onset severe obesity associated with intellectual disability can have molecular diagnoses ranging from monogenic to complex genetic traits. Severe overweight is the major sign of a syndromic physical appearance and predicting the influence of a single gene and/or polygenic risk profile is extremely complicated among the majority of the cases. At present, considering rare monogenic bases as the principal etiology for the majority of obesity cases associated with intellectual disability is scientifically poor. The diversity of the molecular bases responsible for the two entities makes the appliance of the current routinely powerful genomics diagnostic tools essential.

Objective: Clinical investigation of these difficult-to-diagnose patients requires pediatricians and neurologists to use optimized descriptions of signs and symptoms to improve genotype correlations.

Methods: The use of modern integrated bioinformatics strategies which are conducted by experienced multidisciplinary clinical teams. Evaluation of the phenotype of the patient’s family is also of importance.

Results: The next step involves discarding the monogenic canonical obesity syndromes and considering infrequent unique molecular cases, and/or then polygenic bases. Adequate management of the application of the new technique and its diagnostic phases is essential for achieving good cost/efficiency balances.

Conclusion: With the current clinical management, it is necessary to consider the potential coincidence of risk mutations for obesity in patients with genetic alterations that induce intellectual disability. In this review, we describe an updated algorithm for the molecular characterization and diagnosis of patients with a syndromic obesity phenotype.

Keywords: Syndromic obesity, classical obesity syndrome, non-canonical obesity syndrome, whole-genome array, nonsyndromic monogenic obesity, exome sequencing.

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