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Review Article

Fatty Acid Synthase (FASN): A Patent Review Since 2016-Present

Author(s): Shailendra Singh, Chandrabose Karthikeyan* and Narayana Subbiah Hari Narayana Moorthy*

Volume 19, Issue 1, 2024

Published on: 03 February, 2023

Page: [37 - 56] Pages: 20

DOI: 10.2174/1574892818666230112170003

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Fatty acid synthase (FASN), is a key metabolic enzyme involved in fatty acid biosynthesis and is an essential target for multiple disease progressions like cancer, obesity, NAFLD, etc. Aberrant expression of FASN is associated with deregulated energy metabolism of cells in these diseases. This article provides a summary of the most recent developments in the discovery of novel FASN inhibitors with potential therapeutic uses in cancer, obesity, and other metabolic disorders such as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease from 2016 to the present. The recently published patent applications and forthcoming clinical data of FASN inhibitors from both academia and the pharma industries are also highlighted in this study. The implication of FASN in multiple diseases has provided an impetus for developing novel inhibitors by both pharma companies and academia. Critical analysis of the patent literature reveals the exploration of diverse molecular scaffolds to identify potential FASN inhibitors that target the different catalytic domains of the enzyme. In spite of these multifaceted efforts, only one molecule, TVB-2640, has reached phase II trials for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and many malignancies. However, the combined efforts of pharma companies to produce several FASN inhibitors might facilitate the clinical translation of this unique class of inhibitors. Nevertheless, concerted efforts towards developing multiple FASN inhibitors by pharma companies might facilitate the clinical translation of this novel class of inhibitors.

Keywords: Patent review, fatty acid synthase, metabolic enzyme, anticancer, lipogenesis, FASN inhibitors.

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