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Mechanical Properties of Super-large and Shallow-buried Loess Tunnel with the Prefabricated Temporary Support

Author(s): Xuansheng Cheng*, Kai Ding, Gongning Liu and Yuyue Bu

Volume 18, Issue 4, 2024

Published on: 26 June, 2023

Article ID: e070323214433 Pages: 12

DOI: 10.2174/1872212118666230307113032

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Background: At present, there are few studies on the mechanical properties of tunnels with prefabricated temporary support. Based on the project of the Xichengshan Tunnel on the highway from Zhuanglang to Tianshui, this paper studies the mechanical properties of tunnels with prefabricated temporary support The utility model patent for this article is a temporary steel support device for loess tunnel excavation. The patent number is ZL 2022 2 0141276. 1.

Objective: The study aims to show the mechanical properties of a super large section of prefabricated temporary support shallow tunnel.

Methods: The mechanical properties of the tunnel surrounding rock, lining, steel arch, anchor, and temporary support during construction were analyzed by combining numerical simulation and theoretical analysis. The maximum and minimum stresses of the tunnel surrounding rock, lining, steel arch, and anchor, and the maximum and minimum displacements of prefabricated temporary support were found through the analysis results.

Results: The stress and displacement fields of surrounding rock, lining, steel arch, bolt, and temporary support of loess tunnel were analyzed. Results showed that the maximum principal stress of the surrounding rock is 0.293 MPa, and the maximum horizontal displacement is 0.359 cm. The maximum horizontal displacement of the lining is 0.413 cm, the maximum vertical displacement of the steel arch is 1.538 cm, and the maximum displacement of the temporary support structure is 1.459 cm. The above data verify the safety of the proposed combined temporary support structure.

Conclusion: Through the analysis results, the maximum and minimum stresses of the tunnel surrounding rock, lining, steel arch, and anchor, and the maximum and minimum displacements of assembled temporary support are found, which can guide subsequent construction.

Keywords: Loess, super-large section, shallow-buried tunnel, prefabricated construction, mechanical property, stress and displacement fields.

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