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Proteome-Wide Analysis of Protein Disorder in Durum Wheat

Author(s): Mouna Choura*

Volume 12, Issue 2, 2023

Published on: 28 April, 2023

Page: [124 - 128] Pages: 5

DOI: 10.2174/2211550112666230407101119

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Introduction: Intrinsically Disordered Proteins (IDPs) are natively unstructured proteins. Interestingly, IDPs are ubiquitous and play key roles in cellular and proteins functions. While IDPs are studied in some proteomes, many remain to be uncovered.

Methods: The data were retrieved from MobiDB database version 4. Intrinsic disorder predictions are made with various prediction tools. We focus on IUpred-L predictions.

Results: Here, we have explored the first large-scale study of IDPs in T. turgidum. Additionally, a comparative analysis of T. turgidum and T. aestivum IDPs was performed for highlighting the disorder use in each species. The data indicated that the T.turgidum proteome is significantly more disordered than the T. aestivum proteome. Gene ontology analysis revealed that IDPs in T. turgidum are mainly catalytic and binding proteins involved in regulation of cellular and metabolic processes.

Conclusion: These findings may constitute a starting point for deeper understanding of IDP roles in stress tolerance and the mechanisms underlying the adaptation capacities differences between T. turgidium and related species.

Keywords: Durum wheat, disordered proteins, IDPs, stress tolerance, T. turgidum, Gene ontology.

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