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Current Cancer Therapy Reviews


ISSN (Print): 1573-3947
ISSN (Online): 1875-6301


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Author(s): Mario D. Galigniana

Volume 19, Issue 3, 2023

Published on: 20 April, 2023

Page: [171 - 171] Pages: 1

DOI: 10.2174/157339471903230420094206

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Zgajnar N, Lagadari M, Gallo LI, Piwien‐Pilipuk G, Galigniana MD. Mitochondrial–nuclear communication by FKBP51 shuttling. J Cell Biochem 2023 Feb 23..
Daneri-Becerra C, Valeiras B, Gallo LI, Lagadari M, Galigniana MD. Cyclophilin A is a mitochondrial factor that forms complexes with p23–correlative evidence for an anti-apoptotic action. J Cell Sci 2021 Feb 1; 134(3): jcs253401.
De Leo SA, Zgajnar NR, Mazaira GI, Erlejman AG, Galigniana MD. Role of the Hsp90-immunophilin heterocomplex in cancer biology. Curr Cancer Ther Rev 2020 Mar 1; 16(1): 19-28.
Ciucci SM, Mazaira GI, Galigniana MD. Roles of GR Isoforms and Hsp90-binding Immunophilins in the Modulation of Glucocorticoid Biological Responses. Curr Clin Pharmacol 2023 Nov 1; 18(3): 242-54.
Daneri-Becerra C, Ciucci SM, Mazaira G, Galigniana MD. Role of Mitochondrial Heat-shock Proteins and Immunophilins in Neuro Degenerative Diseases. Curr Drug Targets 2021 Oct 1; 22(14): 1596-617.

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