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Long Non-coding RNAs Influence Aging Process of Sciatic Nerves in SD Rats

Author(s): Rui Kuang, Yi Zhang, Guanggeng Wu, Zhaowei Zhu, Shuqia Xu, Xiangxia Liu*, Yangbin Xu* and Yunxiang Luo*

Volume 27, Issue 14, 2024

Published on: 07 September, 2023

Page: [2140 - 2150] Pages: 11

DOI: 10.2174/1386207326666230907115800

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Objectives: To investigate the long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) changes in the sciatic nerve (SN) in Sprague Dawley (SD) rats during aging.

Methods: Eighteen healthy SD rats were selected at the age of 1 month (1M) and 24 months (24M) and SNs were collected. High-throughput transcriptome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis were performed. Protein-protein interaction (PPI) networks and competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA) networks were established according to differentially expressed genes (DEGs).

Result: As the length of lncRNAs increased, its proportion to the total number of lncRNAs decreased. A total of 4079 DElncRNAs were identified in Con vs. 24M. GO analysis was primarily clustered in nerve and lipid metabolism, extracellular matrix, and vascularization-related fields. There were 17 nodes in the PPI network of the target genes of up-regulating genes including Itgb2, Lox, Col11a1, Wnt5a, Kras, etc. Using quantitative RT-PCR, microarray sequencing accuracy was validated. There were 169 nodes constructing the PPI network of down-regulated target genes, mainly including Col1a1, Hmgcs1, Hmgcr. CeRNA interaction networks were constructed.

Conclusion: Lipid metabolism, angiogenesis, and ECM fields might play an important role in the senescence process in SNs. Col3a1, Serpinh1, Hmgcr, and Fdps could be candidates for nerve aging research.

Keywords: Long non-coding RNAs, peripheral nerves, aging, transcriptome, bioinformatics, DNA.

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