Polymeric Aggregates in Ionic Liquids: the Green Future of the Delivery Systems

Author(s): Guido Angelini and Carla Gasbarri

Volume 16, Issue 14, 2015

Page: [1606 - 1611] Pages: 6

DOI: 10.2174/1389450115666141114152340

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The self-assembly of a series of triblock co polymers Pluronics (P85, P105 and L121) has been investigated in some ionic liquids (BMIMBF4, BMIMPF6 and BMIMTf2N) by using Near-Infrared spectroscopy. The formation of supramolecular s tructures has been confirmed by optical microscopy. The solvation degree and the aggregation behaviour of P85, P105 and L121 depend on the interactions between the imidazolium ring of the ionic liquid and the hydrophilic moiety of the copolymer. Fluorescent vesicles can be observed after the incorporation of Nile Red into the polymeric bilayer of L121 or by linking fluorescein isothiocyanate to the copolymer structure.

Keywords: Aggregation, copolymer, fluorescence, ionic liquids, NIR spectroscopy, Pluronics, vesicles.

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