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Therapeutic Approaches Using Riboflavin in Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism Disorders

Author(s): Bárbara J. Henriques, Tânia G. Lucas and Cláudio M. Gomes

Volume 17, Issue 13, 2016

Page: [1527 - 1534] Pages: 8

DOI: 10.2174/1389450117666160813180812

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Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, plays an important role in the cell as biological precursor of FAD and FMN, two important flavin cofactors which are essential for the structure and function of flavoproteins. Riboflavin has been used in therapeutic approaches of various inborn errors of metabolism, notably in metabolic disorders resulting either from defects in proteins involved in riboflavin metabolism and transport or from defects in flavoenzymes. The scope of this review is to provide an updated perspective of clinical cases in which riboflavin was used as a potential therapeutic agent in disorders affecting mitochondrial energy metabolism. In particular, we discuss available mechanistic insights on the role of riboflavin as a pharmacological chaperone for the recovery of misfolded metabolic flavoenzymes.

Keywords: Riboflavin-responsive, flavoenzymes, riboflavin transporters, metabolic disorders, mitochondrial beta-oxidation disorders, respiratory chain deficiencies.

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