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Review Article

Treatment of Skin Disorders with Aloe Materials

Author(s): Hanna Svitina, Roan Swanepoel, Jacques Rossouw, Happiness Netshimbupfe, Chrisna Gouws and Josias Hamman*

Volume 25, Issue 20, 2019

Page: [2208 - 2240] Pages: 33

DOI: 10.2174/1381612825666190703154244

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The skin is the largest organ and functions as a barrier to protect the underlying tissues against the elements and pathogens, while also fulfilling many physiological roles and biochemical functions such as preventing excessive water loss. Skin disorders vary greatly in terms of origin, severity, symptoms and affect persons of all ages. Many plants have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times including the treatment of skin disorders and diseases. Aloe represents one of the earliest medicinal plant species mentioned in antique scriptures and even in rock art dating back thousands of years. Different Aloe species and materials have been used in the prevention and treatment of skin related disorders. Aloe vera is the most commonly used Aloe species for medicinal purposes. Some of the most prominent skin related applications and disorders that Aloe materials have been investigated for are discussed in this paper, which include cosmetic, radiation, cancer, wound and antimicrobial applications. Both in vitro and in vivo studies are included in the discussions of this paper and comprehensive summaries of all these studies are given in tables in each section. Although some contradictory results were obtained among studies, certain Aloe materials have shown excellent efficacy and exhibited potential for the treatment of skin related disorders and cosmetic applications.

Keywords: Aloe gel, Aloe whole leaf, xanthorrhoeaceae, Aloe vera, cosmeceutics, skin disorders, skin diseases, topical treatment, traditional medicine.

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