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ISSN (Print): 1871-5230
ISSN (Online): 1875-614X

Review Article

Progranulin Regulates Inflammation and Tumor

Author(s): Chunxiao Liu, Jiayi Li, Wenjing Shi, Liujia Zhang, Shuang Liu, Yingcong Lian, Shujuan Liang and Hongyan Wang*

Volume 19, Issue 2, 2020

Page: [88 - 102] Pages: 15

DOI: 10.2174/1871523018666190724124214


Progranulin (PGRN) mediates cell cycle progression and cell motility as a pleiotropic growth factor and acts as a universal regulator of cell growth, migration and transformation, cell cycle, wound healing, tumorigenesis, and cytotoxic drug resistance as a secreted glycoprotein. PGRN overexpression can induce the secretion of many inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-8, -6,-10, TNF-α. At the same time, this protein can promote tumor proliferation and the occurrence and development of many related diseases such as gastric cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, renal injury, neurodegeneration, neuroinflammatory, human atherosclerotic plaque, hepatocarcinoma, acute kidney injury, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. In short, PGRN plays a very critical role in injury repair and tumorigenesis, it provides a new direction for succeeding research and serves as a target for clinical diagnosis and treatment, thus warranting further investigation. Here, we discuss the potential therapeutic utility and the effect of PGRN on the relationship between inflammation and cancer.

Keywords: Cell cycle, cell motility, inflammation, pleiotropic growth factor, progranulin, tumor.

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