Intersectionality in Women Studies

Closes 31 August, 2024

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Journal: Current Social Sciences
Guest editor(s):Dr. Batsheva Guy


We are pleased to announce an upcoming thematic issue for the Women Studies section of the interdisciplinary Current Social Science Journal. Our section is dedicated to advancing knowledge in gender studies, feminism, and the intricate facets of women's experiences. Building upon our commitment to interdisciplinary engagement, this thematic issue will delve into the critical theme of intersectionality—an essential concept that illuminates the interconnectedness of gender, society, culture, and power dynamics in shaping human lives.
As scholars and activists, we recognize the significance of intersectionality in comprehending the multidimensional layers that define women's experiences and identities. The Women Studies section aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding gender and society. This thematic issue provides a unique opportunity for researchers to critically analyze and contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding intersectionality.


intersectionality, intersectional feminism, Critical Race Theory, Black Feminism, Third-Wave Feminism, Intersectional identities, feminist studies, women studies


· Interrogating Feminist Theory: How does intersectionality enrich feminist theories and their applications in diverse contexts?
· Fluidity of Gender and Sexuality: Exploring the intersections of gender and sexuality and their impact on identity formation and expression.
· Transcending Disciplinary Boundaries: Utilizing interdisciplinary approaches to examine the complex intersections of gender with fields such as politics, culture, health, and psychology.
· Women's Agency and Empowerment: Analyzing how intersectional perspectives empower women to navigate and challenge societal norms and power structures.
· Representation and Marginalization: Investigating how intersectionality influences the representation and marginalization of women in various spheres.

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