Integrating Network Pharmacology and Traditional Medicine: A New Perspective in Drug Mechanism Research

Closes 19 August, 2024

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Journal: Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
Guest editor(s):Dr. Gang Ye


Network pharmacology is a network construction and network topology analysis strategy that combines pharmacology and pharmacodynamics. In recent years, network pharmacology has emerged as a powerful tool that can be integrated with pharmacology. Natural products commonly function in multicomponent, multitarget, and multipathway systems. Some examples encompass Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicines (TCM), African traditional medicine, and Brazilian traditional medicine.Network pharmacology explores the complex interaction between drugs and diseases by connecting traditional medicine and evidence-based medicine.With the rapid development of bioinformatics, network pharmacology has become a new way to effectively and systematically study the mechanism of action, safety, and other aspects of compound preparations in traditional medicine.


Network pharmacology, Traditional Medicine, Drug Mechanism

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