Higher Education in Soviet Successor States: Are we Post Post-Soviet?

Closes 01 September, 2024

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Journal: Current Social Sciences
Guest editor(s):Dr. Brian Lanahan


Higher Education in Soviet Successor States: Are we Post Post-Soviet? With the introduction of private institutions, tuition fees, two- and three-cycle models, program-level based institutional classifications, unified national admission tests, international providers, excellence initiatives and comparison tables, and the removal of subordination to ministries have been combined to various degrees to bring differing levels of success in higher education in all 15 countries since 1991. Understanding these reforms still garners further attention, but we are currently 30+ years into the post-Soviet era of higher education. This breadth of time begs the questions: Are we past the post-Soviet-era of higher education? Is the term still useful framework from which to analyze the higher education sectors in the Soviet successor states? The veracity of this term has been questioned in the field of comparative education recently, but no consensus about the term has arisen. This question has also recently been further complicated by Russia’s attempted invasion of Ukraine, reminding the world that Russia still has imperial tendencies. Nevertheless, the question looms large over further scholarship about higher education in Soviet successor states. This thematic issue will feature scholarship from native scholars from the 15 former Soviet Republics and have them attempt to answer the two questions posed above.


Post-Soviet, Bologna Process, Post-Socialist, Comparative Education, International Education, Europeanization

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