Advances in Meat Processing Technologies: Modern Approaches to Meet Consumer Demand

Meat Curing and Preservation Methods

Author(s): Daneysa L. Kalschne, Marinês P. Corso and Cristiane Canan

Pp: 44-58 (15)

DOI: 10.2174/9789811470196120010007

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Salting is one of the oldest food preserving methods. New salting methods for meat products are currently being studied aiming at reducing process time and labour costs, increasing process yield, and producing safe, low-salt content foods with acceptable sensory characteristics. In this context, ultrasound, high hydrostatic pressure and microwave technologies have been highlighted. Several manuscripts have addressed this theme and the results were satisfactory, urging the need for further studies in order to improve and enable the use of such methods. This chapter will cover traditional salting methods and new ones, currently being discussed aiming at improving the quality and yield of products.

Keywords: Brine, Dry-Cured Meat, High Pressure, Meat Quality, Microwave, Ultrasound.

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