The Generalized Relative Gol‘dberg Order and Type: Some Remarks on Functions of Complex Variables

Generalized Gol`dberg order (α,β) and generalized Gol`dberg type (α,β) of entire functions of several complex variables

Author(s): Tanmay Biswas and Chinmay Biswas

Pp: 16-29 (14)

DOI: 10.2174/9789814998031121010004

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In this chapter, first we introduce the definitions of generalized Gol`dberg order (α,β), generalized hyper Gol`dberg order (α,β) generalized logarithmic Gol`dberg order (α,β); generalized Gol`dberg type (α,β) and generalized Gol`dberg weak type (α,β) of entire functions of several complex variables and then using these growth indicators, we discuss of some related growth properties of entire functions of n complex variables, where α,β are continuous non-negative functions defined on (-∞,+∞).

Keywords: Increasing function, generalized Gol`dberg order (α, β), generalized hy- per Gol`dberg order (α, β), generalized logarithmic Gol`dberg order (α, β), generalized Gol`dberg type (α, β), generalized Gol`dberg weak type (α, β).

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