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Evaluation of Thoracic Mobility in Different Stages of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Pilot Study

Author(s): Mahvish Qaiser*, Nahid Khan, Jyoti Ganai, Prem Kapur and Abhinav Jain

Pp: 268-274 (7)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681089010121010034


Patients suffering from COPD have decreased thoracic mobility which affects the functioning of the respiratory muscles. As the literature on thoracic mobility in COPD patients is scarce the present study focuses on assessing thoracic mobility in different grades of COPD with the help of a digital inclinometer. A total of 59 subjects were included in the present study (37 COPD and 22 Controls) and subcategorized into 4 groups according to the severity (GOLD’s Classification). Thoracic mobility on the left and right sides, both were found to be less in the COPD group as compared to the controls. There was a statistically significant difference for the left side thoracic mobility (p=0.00) between both groups with the mean value of 35.38 ± 6.92 for the COPD group and 44.49 ± 3.92 for control. There was a statistically significant difference for right side thoracic mobility between both groups (p =0.01) with the mean values of 40.08 ± 9.28 in the COPD group and 44.43 ± 4.22 for the control. The right and left thoracic mobility was found to be decreasing with increasing severity but the difference was not statistically significant. There is an alteration in the respiratory mechanic and shoulder girdle kinematics which alters the thoracic mobility. In the present study, the sample size for each subgroup of COPD was less. The mild and severe COPD subgroup had a limited sample and hence more studies should be conducted to understand the changes that happen in thoracic mobility due to an increase in severity. The thoracic mobility is affected in COPD patients and with increasing severity of COPD, the thoracic mobility decreases in this population.

Keywords: COPD, Digital Inclinometer, Left Thoracic Mobility, Right Thoracic Mobility, Thoracic Excursion.

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