Global Emerging Innovation Summit (GEIS-2021)

Design of Arduino and Ultrasonic Based Smart Shoe

Author(s): Bankuru Gowthami, Teetla Anand, Kesu Manoj Kumar, Vishal Agrawal and Suresh Kumar Sudabattula * .

Pp: 350-359 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681089010121010043


With the increase in population, usage of vehicles is also increasing at an alarming rate. People working round the clock and earning handsome amounts usually prefer four-wheelers to ease their journey from one location to another location. But this ease has now created a lot of problems as now more traffic jams can be seen than before and traveling time is again increasing for people bound with deadlines. So, now people have moved from four-wheelers to either two-wheelers or by foot. Also, while traveling to unknown places and roads, GPS is a must nowadays. But on two-wheelers, it is tough to use GPS on mobile phones. Moreover, the shoe is the necessity of life and when it comes to a blind person shoes can help to protect from pebbles and roads but obstacles cannot be avoided. So, we are trying to make it more convenient for blind people as well, so that with the help of sensors in front of shoes he/she will be indicated with vibrations to avoid the obstacles in the path. we are trying to make it more efficient by using new technology i.e., Smart shoe where information of path is retrieved from Google navigation database, and accordingly, the instructions are sent to the sensors installed in the shoes to take turns (i.e., U-Turn, left, right, etc.). All this can be achieved by interfacing the Bluetooth sensor placed in shoes and it would give signals to 4 sensors placed in four directions in shoes and when to take any specific turn it would vibrate. Also, this signal is provided to the Bluetooth sensor from a mobile application which will be connected to the Google navigation database.

Keywords: Bluetooth, Microcontroller, Navigation Database, Sensors, Smart Shoe, Ultrasonic Sensor, Vibration Motor.

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