Recent Advances in Renewable Energy

Volume: 5

Investigation of Spiral Darrieusturbine

Author(s): Mabrouk Mosbahi, Ahmed Ayadi and Zied Driss

Pp: 65-93 (29)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681088686121050004

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1. INTRODUCTION The water turbines can be classified into two major kinds: the axial-flow rotors (AFR) and the cross-flow rotors (CFR). The simplicity of the blade shapes and the independence of the water current direction give the advantage to the CFR for the generation of small-scale hydropower with regard to the AFR. With the aim of performance enhancement of CFR, numerous computational and experimental tests were conducted recently. For example, Moghimi and Motawej (2020) carried out a computational test of a twisted Darrieus water rotor (TDWR). They investigated the impact of the twist angle on the operational parameters of the TDWR. In conclusion, the lowest coefficient of power value was obtained with...

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