Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research - CNS and Neurological Disorders

Volume: 10

Neurodegenerative Disease: Prevention and Treatment Through Plant Extracts Therapy

Author(s): Mayookha V.P, Geetha V, Moumita Das and Suresh Kumar G. * .

Pp: 1-59 (59)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815040678122100003

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Neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s
etc. have their root in damaged nerve cells followed by the loss of their functions.
Though the exact reason for different neurodegenerative diseases is still unknown,
degradation and accumulation of proteins in neurons, oxidative stress, inflammation,
defects in mitochondria, genetic mutation etc., are said to be the general factors that
leads to this disease. The old ages are the worst affected group due to the rise in human
life expectancies. Although there is no complete cure for this disease, some drug
treatments have been found to be useful for reducing few of the physical or mental
symptoms associated with neurodegenerative diseases. In fact, most neurodegenerative
disorders show multiple symptoms;a promising result can be achieved only through the
combination of different compounds like natural plant extracts which have many
disease targets. Antioxidants are proven to have the capacity to act against the
oxidative stress developed in the cells. So, antioxidant rich plant extracts can be
utilized for the treatment of neurological related disorders. Several studies are being
carried out on the effect of various plant extracts on the neurodegenerative disease
prevention, management as well as treatment. This chapter will discuss the in vitro, in
vivo and clinical studies conducted on the effect of various plant extracts for the
treatment and prevention of different neurodegenerative disease conditions.

Keywords: Alzheimer’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Neurodegenerative Disease, Parkinson's Disease.

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