Dominant Algorithms to Evaluate Artificial Intelligence: From the view of Throughput Model

Six Dominant Decision-making Algorithms

Author(s): Waymond Rodgers

Pp: 69-95 (27)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815049541122010005

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Algorithms have been implemented to benefit decision-making for hundreds of years and pre-date computers. While algorithms are hardly a contemporary invention, they are nonetheless progressively intricate in systems implemented to support decisionmaking. Algorithmic decision-making is the processing of input data or perceptual processing to influence a judgment or decision choice. Further, algorithms are utilized to support decisions such as prioritization, classification, association, and filtering. This chapter illustrates a broad introduction to six fundamental algorithms for decision making. These algorithms in total make up the Throughput Model. Each algorithm is clearly presented and can comprehensively assist individuals and organizations in considering a wide range of issues. 

Keywords: Algorithms, Analytical algorithmic pathway, Artificial intelligence, Chatbot, Computer vision, Deep learning, Decision choice, Human-computer interaction (HCI), Expedient algorithmic pathway, Global perspective algorithmic pathway, Heuristics and biases, Information, Judgment, Machine learning, Neural networks, Perception, Throughput model, Revisionist algorithmic pathway, Ruling guide algorithmic pathway, Value-driven algorithmic pathway.

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