Passive Location Method Based on Phase Difference Measurement

Unambiguous Phase Difference Ranging Based on Short Baseline Array

Author(s): Tao Yu

Pp: 126-135 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079425122010007

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This chapter presents several methods of distance ranging for basic short baseline arrays. These methods are either based on basic array positioning equations or on basic physical definitions, but the final mathematical form of these methods is proved to be the same. From the derivation of the ranging solution, we can see that the one-dimensional double-base array is the basis of the plane positioning analysis. Whether it is based on the Doppler frequency shift signal or the motion parameters, it can be attributed to the positioning solution of the one-dimensional double-base array. 

Keywords: Ranging, Short baseline arrays, One-dimensional double-base array, Doppler frequency shift, Motion parameters, Direction finding, Doppler rate of change, Radial acceleration.

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