Electrochemical Biosensors in Practice: Materials and Methods

Introduction to Electrochemical Biosensors

Author(s): Seyed Morteza Naghib, Seyed Mahdi Katebi and Sadegh Ghorbanzade

Pp: 1-39 (39)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123944123010002

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The book starts with the definition of biosensors and their classifications upon transduction, which is divided into five systems: Electrochemical, Optical, Thermal, Mass-bass, and Energy and bioreceptor components, which are divided into six types, including Enzymes, antibodies, Nucleic Acids, Aptamers, Cells, and Microbial. Afterward, it continues with electrochemical biosensor fundamental descriptions and then introduces all the electrochemical types like Voltammetric, Potentiometric, and Impedimetric. Finally, Chapter 1 concludes with a short discussion of the electrochemical biosensor market. This talk will focus on biological sectors, food production, and environmental protection and will finish with a look at the newly revealed numbers.

Keywords: Bioreceptor, Biosensor, Cell, Electrochemical, Transducer.

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