Electrochemical Biosensors in Practice: Materials and Methods

Electrochemical Biosensors Design Steps

Author(s): Seyed Morteza Naghib, Seyed Mahdi Katebi and Sadegh Ghorbanzade

Pp: 40-58 (19)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123944123010003

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Designing a biosensor is a complex engineering process requiring careful consideration. This chapter takes a brief look at the design-to-fabrication process of electrochemical biosensors and the evaluation of their performance. This review helps us to build a roadmap for designing reliable and valuable biosensors for various applications. The design roadmap consists of ten steps. The first section discusses the importance of these steps, then some of them will be discussed in detail. This chapter helps researchers to study the field of biosensors in a systematic and practical manner.

Keywords: Electrochemical biosensors, Immobilization method, Optimization method, Process design.

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