Fungal Lipid Biochemistry

An Overview of Lipid Droplets in Oleaginous Fungi

Author(s): Aabid Manzoor Shah, Hassan Mohamed, Abu Bakr Ahmad Fazili and Yuanda Song * .

Pp: 123-138 (16)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123012123010009

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Triacylglycerols and steryl esters are the most common nonpolar lipids found in Fungi. When cells are provided with an abundance of carbon-rich nutrients, these storage lipids accumulate. Nonpolar lipids are sequestered from the cytosolic environment in lipid droplets (LDs) because they cannot be incorporated into biomembranes in large quantities. Triacylglycerol lipases and steryl ester hydrolases mobilize lipids from this compartment upon demand. The degradation products act as energy sources or building blocks for membrane formation. This chapter covers the mechanisms of triacylglycerol and steryl ester synthesis, storage of these lipids in lipid droplets, and subsequent mobilization in oleaginous fungi. The information on fungi’s LD biology, like size and distribution, their composition, mechanism and dynamics of formation, and their role in cell physiology, is important from a physiological and biotechnological point of view that will facilitate these organisms as model systems and also promote biofuel development. 

Keywords: Lipid droplet, Oleaginous fungi, Triacylglycerols, Steryl esters, Biogenesis, Biofuel.

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