Recent Trends In Livestock Innovative Technologies

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Assessing the Livestock Management

Author(s): Muhammad Hamid*, Nadia Mushtaq, Hafiz Ishfaq Ahmad and Ghulam Haider

Pp: 158-169 (12)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815165074123070014

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In the livestock sector, artificial intelligence is crucial. The livestock business needs to make improvements to artificial intelligence right away. With the aid of artificial intelligence, livestock farms will be able to make the processes automatic with reduced major costs and an improvement in the quality of livestock products. Artificial intelligence assists livestock farms in gathering data and performing analysis accurately according to consumer behaviour prediction, such as buying patterns, leading trends, etc. The livestock business will undergo significant upheaval thanks to artificial intelligence. Many dairy farms and local farmers utilize animal feed without considering how it will affect the milk and the animals. AI use will undoubtedly significantly impact the quality of the forage and the animals' way of life as AI is increasingly widely used and accessible. Most dairy sector activities will be automated, and data about past farm operations will be generated. Farmers are now turning to smarter approaches to help regulate the right use of land, water, and energy needed to feed the world's population and alleviate the global food problem in response to the expanding population. By utilizing machinery and monitoring systems, AI technology has changed farming and cattle-related businesses.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, Computerized twin, Livestock management, Programmed self-learning component.

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