Cancer Medicine in an Ayurvedic Perspective: A Critical Overview

Applied Aspect of Dooshivisha in the Perspective of Cancer

Author(s): Sonali Chalakh * .

Pp: 86-95 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815123852123010012

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Agadtantra is a specialized Ayurveda branch that deals with toxicity management. This specialized branch has given the novel concept of Dooshivisha. It is a transformable state of Visha (poison) which any type of poison can attain if it is not eliminated from the body completely. Today every individual is frequently exposed to many toxic substances, mostly carcinogenic. Polycyclic hydrocarbons, nitrosamine, pyrogenic compounds and many others are now known to be potent mutagens and carcinogens. These carcinogens enter the body through air, water, radiation, drugs, cosmetics and reflect deposit in the body as a Dooshivisha and slowly vitiate all the Dosha & saptadhatu (seven Dhatu). After studying the etiological factor of cancer in the context of Ayurveda and modern medicine, it is seen that most of the etiological factors and pathology of cancer come under these headings. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the only lines of treatment for cancer, but they produce harmful toxic effects along with their beneficial effects. Management of cancer is made easy by adopting a therapeutic approach of Dooshivisha. Various Agadkalpas are useful to reduce or vanish latent toxicity. The integrated system of modern medicine with Dooshivisha management means the application of Agada will be helpful for prevention, minimizing the side effects of conventional therapies, and improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

Keywords: Agad, Cancer, Dooshivisha, Visha.

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