Diverse Strategies for Catalytic Reactions

Nanomagnetic Oxide: A Versatile Green Catalyst

Author(s): Sunil Kumar Singh*, Bhaskar Sharma, Arti Kumar Shrivastava and Chandni Singh

Pp: 92-118 (27)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079036123020006

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 In recent years, attempts to follow green protocol in organic synthesis have emerged along with the use of green solvent, solvent-free reaction conditions, the concept of multicomponent reactions and use of green catalysts. Fe3O4 is an oxide of iron called magnetite mineral; it is a ferromagnetic and strongly magnetic mineral on earth. It was the first mineral structure that was applied in X-ray. It is found that the nanomagnetic oxide shows an inverse spinel structure. Its unique properties, such as high Curie temperature, high spin polarization, and verwey transition, gains attention towards it. Nano-magnetic oxide is employed as a green catalyst. It can be synthesized by physical methods, microbial methods and wet chemical preparation methods. It demonstrates excellent catalysis in organic synthesis that gives a good yield; it enjoys an advantage over other catalysts as it is easily separable from the reaction mixtures using a bar magnet, and it is green & eco-friendly. It also shows wide applications in various fields, such as water treatment, biodiesel production, lithium-ion battery, and the biomedical field.

Keywords: Eco-friendly, Ferromagnetic, Green catalysts, Hetero catalyst, Nanomagnetic oxide, Organic synthesis, Recyclability.

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