Natural Products for Treatment of Skin and Soft Tissue Disorders

Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Prevention, Policy and Treatment Schemes of Skin Infections in Developing Countries

Author(s): Taha Hussein Musa, Tosin Yinka Akintunde, Idriss Hussein Musa, Haroon Elrasheid Tahir and Hassan Hussein Musa * .

Pp: 162-188 (27)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815124361123010010

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Skin diseases are common public health problems in developing countries. The prevalence is universal and can cause a significant economic burden. Additionally, it is a common cause of morbidity among vulnerable groups, such as children, and affects people of all ages and ethnicities. However, the impact of skin disease on the national public healthcare system is complex and poorly studied, particularly in developing countries. A number of factors, including population aging, genetics, and environment, have contributed to the change in skin disease trends. The combined effects of these factors have severe health implications for people, and their dynamics are not fully understood. It is thus necessary to improve diagnostic techniques in order to provide new therapeutic resources in dermatology in the wake of the scientific revolution and technological innovations. To understand the changes in the prevalence of skin disease age-specific distributions and associated mortality, this study provides comprehensive information on vulnerable populations, epidemiological characteristics, and geographic distributions. Furthermore, the study provides a baseline for the management of skin disorders using medicinal plants. Surveillance, burden, diagnostics, and treatments of skin disease are essential components of developing measurable, influential, and sustainable intervention programs to reduce disease infections. Furthermore, these approaches assist in understanding the pathogenesis and disease process and assist with the development of new therapeutic strategies and preventive measures against morbidity in underdeveloped and developing countries, as well as establishing a baseline for medicinal plants that contribute significantly to the treatment.

Keywords: Skin diseases, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, quality of life, prevention, herbal plants, developing countries.

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