The Emerging Self in Psychotherapy with Adults


Author(s): Richard A. Mackey

Pp: i-i (1)

DOI: 10.2174/97816080502771090101000i


There are several individuals who helped me in the formulation, thinking through and the writing of this book. First, let me express my appreciation and love for the most supportive person in my life, my wife, Eileen, who offered, as she always has, astute feedback and encouragement at every step of the journey.

Colleagues who were of inestimable assistance included the late Dr Herb Goldberg, Dr Bruce Burnett and my long time friend and collaborator, Dr Bernie O’Brien, as well as Dr Esther Urdang and Dr Paul Kline.

The ideas in this book were germinating over the years and my primary place of employment, Boston College, provided the context in which they could develop. I especially want to acknowledge the Graduate School of Social Work and the Department of Counseling, Developmental and Educational Psychology.

I also want to acknowledge the following professional journals in which many of ideas in this book were originally published. These article provided a basis for some chapters, notably those on the biopsychosocial framework of the self, the importance of psychological intimacy in meaningful adult relationships, couples therapy and the significance of personal therapy to the professional self of a psychotherapist. The journals included Clinical Social Work, Sex Roles, The Psychotherapy Patient and Psychotherapy: Theory/Research/Practice/Training.

Individuals at Bentham who were most helpful were Sara Moqeet who guided me through the initial stages of the process of preparing a proposed book for publication and Bushra Siddiqui who offered valuable help in seeing the proposal become a book.

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