Organoselenium Chemistry: Between Synthesis and Biochemistry


Author(s): Claudio Santi

Pp: 3-7 (5)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608058389114010004

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Organoselenium compounds attracted in the last twenty years a growing scientific interest. From a chemical point of view, organoselenium reagent can be used in mild conditions to effect chemio, regio and stereoselective reactions and, in a number of examples as efficient and selective catalysts.

More recently also the biological aspect has been deeply explored and some organoselenium derivatives showed interesting and evaluable pharmacological properties.

Keywords: Selenium, Selenoxides, Selenones, Selenurane, Seleniranium, Seleneic Acid, Perselenenic Acid, Selenurea, Selenocysteine, NMR.

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