Safety Science: Methods to Prevent Incidents and Worker Health Damage at the Workplace

Safety and Occupational Health Management

Author(s): Eduardo Calixto

Pp: 321-386 (66)

DOI: 10.2174/9781608059522115010011

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The safety and Occupational Management has been a huge challenge faced for different organizations throughout the world. Indeed the first challenge is to implement the best methods in the different safety subject, such as occupational risk, risk management, accident analysis, human factor analysis, emergency response. The second challenge is to manage such information and activities in order to produce a high effectiveness in Safety and Occupational Health (SOH) Management. This requires an effective management model as well as considering different aspects which impact on Safety and Occupational Health performance, such as safety culture, leadership, organizational learning and safety economic valuation. Those aspects are the pillars of SOH management, which must also be integrated with Integrated Management System and Asset Management. However, all this effort does not achieve their objective if a proper management model support (SOH). Finally, in order to achieve the highest performance in (SOH) the organizations must understand that the main focus of (SOH) are people who works in process and are effected for that.

Keywords: Leadership, culture, organizational learning, risk management, asset integrity management, integrated system management, safety and occupational health management.

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